EPROM Adapter 2764/27512


With this PCB it is possible to eliminate the use of old 2708 and 2716 EPROM from 1G CPU board.

A few simple steps:

  1. Set correct jumper configuration for 2716 IC1 EPROM
  2. Place this PCB on IC1 socket
  3. Connect 3 wire from IC11 (pin 11-12-13) of main CPU.
  4. ONLY in case of 27512 EPROM, you can have more games (8 max) selectable by dip-switch. So you can compose it as you like. It’s very simple: copy command under Windows or cat under Linux.
  5. Set dip-switch with your game.
  6. PLAY!

Using cat command from Linux terminal:

cat eprom.IC1 eprom.IC2 [...] > eprom.IC

For those who use Windows, from command shell do this command:

copy /B eprom.IC1 + eprom.IC2 + [...]  eprom.IC

Below an example with table:

cat hot.bin fire_mountain.bin locomotion.bin str.bin hot_free.bin stargod.bin space_shuttle.bin hod.bin > rom_pack.bin
ROM (Example)A15A14A13
Hot Wheels000
Fire Mountain001
Shooting the Rapid011
Hot Wheels Free Play100
Star God101
Space Shuttle110
House of Diamonds111
pack example for 27512

>> ATTENTION: If a 2764 is used, the dip-switch remain fixed A15 OFF, A14 OFF, A13 ON <<

Assembly & board information:

ROM Download (fitted to 8k):

NOTE: HORROR Pinball (by Pinball Shop) it’s based on Space shuttle ROM, so it is the same!

All original ROMS are downloaded from www.zaccaria-pinball.com

Need some question? Want try this solution but don’t have the correct instruments?

Contact me, it will be a pleasure to help you.

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